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With a quarter century of experience, the full-time crews at Sylvester Associates manage all phases of construction and installation. From newly designed landscape plantings to perennial gardens and renovations, we use only the finest quality nursery stock to complement your home.

To balance your outdoor environment, we also provide walks, patios, decks and exterior lighting systems with the same degree of quality workmanship. We are dedicated to completing each project smoothly, professionally, and with as little inconvenience to you as possible. Here’s what you can expect from out professional crew.

  • Expert bed preparation for all plantings
  • Specimen-grade quality plants and trees
  • Nutrient-rich back fill for healthy growth
  • Heritage-to-hybrid perennials, annuals and grasses
  • Plan-specific bed dressing for “finished” look
  • Site clean-up for maximum curb appeal
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